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Hi everybody,

This is the first post on the blog since i´m working on my redesign. After two years this is the first mayor change in the website. As i started to redesign in last time i changed the simple handcoded PHP-pages to a wordpress-system. This was my first contact with this amazing and free system. It works like a charme. No wonder, that the whole internet is based on WordPress at the moment.

One of the reasons to change to WordPress was the ease of use regarding the updates of the site. But my site is not the usual blog. It is a portfolio. Therefore i had to adjust the design a lot. Back to that time there weren´t these amounts of free and paid themes around to download and use. So it was coding all over again. But when you slowly dig into the code of wordpress it gets clear, that this system has potential, thats not nearly at his edge. So i made big changes in the codes and ended up with a quite nice website.

But as i checked my google analytics a few weeks ago, i realized, that the majority of users didn´t see the menubar as menubar – it was to clean in the design. So they ended up on my splashscreen – where i installed a temporary blog for my last project. And this splash was more of a scarecrow, because it was only text in ugly grey boxes. So i had a 98% bounce-rate (for all of you who don´t know wtf  a bounce-rate is (i didn´t ether): this gives you the percentage of site visitors, which just look at one single page on your site and then leave immediately). None of them looked at a single video from me – and that should have been the use of my portfolio in the beginning… so i had to change something.

Stuck in work on other projects (CollabFeature, Infinite Memory Mafia Directors Cut & a few paid projects) i still decided to change the overall and old look of my page to something fresh. A site where a high bouncerate doesn´t matter, because all the information is on the first 🙂

At the moment im still coding and adopting. The problem with the big “workarounds” i had in my last design is, that i can´t use it in my new design. So the great thing about wordpress, that you simply change the look in adding another template, doesn´t work out for me. Thats the pity of not being an expert on programming.

Another big change is, that i changed the language I use on the web to english. Especially now that i am working on this fantastic international project CollabFeature i saw the need of doing that. So i´m sorry for all of the typos and bad grammar – I´m still learning to blog in english 🙂

I also move all of my videos on the mainstream servers from YouTube and Vimeo. Until now i had all the files on my own server. This worked great, but the files were very small and compressed. So now, that Youtube and Vimeo offer this great HD quality i decided to go with the flow. In this process i was wondering why all the great video-people around prefer vimeo over youtube. Now that i´m testing the embedding i know why – youtube has no option to hide their ugly player controls. There are style-sheet workarounds, but that is silly to implement. So it means i will have to slowly change from youtube over to vimeo as my videos get converted on their horrible slow server – even for paid vimeo pro users is this a pain, as my college Nino Leitner pointed out in a meeting a few days ago.

Next i will talk about the redesign-process. But more on that later.

For now – please enjoy the new design and keep

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