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Arne Nostitz-Rieneck » Director

I am filmmaker based in vienna, austria. My focus is on directing commercials, image-films and music videos. On this site you find a small collection of my work.

If you like to contact me its best to send me an e-mail:

New Things on the Blog

Transition to

August 25th, 2011

Like in real life i will move also my digital life to a new home. Starting from now, my main Webpage will be

Noria Films is still the Production Company under which i will produce and edit, but there will be no update on this site in the near future. Thanks and im looking forward to see you on my new site!

greets from my luckily cool office! arne

DitoGear OmniSlider

March 18th, 2011

For the shoot of my short film “Rückfall Ausgeschlossen” i used a great little Tool – The DitoGear OmniSlider i borrowed from my good friend Nino Leitner (check out his work here). There you also find the detailed Review of the Slider soon – and for now a short Post about the work with it.

We also did a great Motion Control Test – wich you also find on his site.

Looking forward to the premier of my little Movie. Meanwhile check our the CollabFeature Project. This wonderful international co-production prioject i joined last year makes great progress and you can watch a few making ofs and Vlogs about it over there.

Rückfall Ausgeschlossen

February 20th, 2011

Two short month after the first idea found its way to the paper my new short film “Rückfall Ausgeschlossen” is nearly finished.

iPhone Recordings disappear – Solved!

December 22nd, 2010

Did you ever used the voicememo function of your iPhone? Its great. You can record short or long memos for yourself or even record a whole interview. I´ve never used it before – until yesterday. I did an interview with Wolfgang Moser, Master of Ceremony at the archdiocese of St.Stephan in Vienna. Because i wanted to be free to talk i decided to use the recorder besides a few notes i took with a classic paper notebook. I first made a sample and as it turned out to work just fine i recorded the whole session – about one hour.

The great thing about the recorder in iPhone is, that it adjusts the volume and you don´t have to worry about it. I stopped the recording in the end and it was all good.

Back at home i synced the phone with my mac over itunes and looked for the file – nothing there in the playlist with memos… and also on the phone – there was just a zero-seconds long recording … i was short to freak out. this hourlong recording just disappeared in the apple-nirvana. and my notes are a bunch of much to less letters on a little piece of paper… NOOOOOO….
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Neat Video Denoiser Plug-In Review

December 21st, 2010

This is the Story of how a little Plug-In for After Effects (there are also versions for Premiere, FinalCut,Vegas and many more) helped to finish my last Project.

Download one of the best plugins here – Read the rest of the Review here: Read the rest of this entry »


November 26th, 2010

As i mentioned in my last post im working on the new design at this very moment. But i wanted to bring it online NOW 🙂 so please be patient with the few flaws it still has.

Biggest obstacle are the missing videos. Until the Videos are all up on Vimeo…sadly the upload to the Main-Video sites is very slow at the moment – and i have to collect all my recent projects. This is also a bit of a work, because i recently changed systems from pc to mac and all of my data is still on the old system… and this system is completely disassembled for now.

So here are the links to the old design with all of my precious videos: Werbung & Film.

I´m very sorry for this inconvenience, but i hope you enjoy the new design!

Transition nearly done

November 26th, 2010

Hi everybody,

This is the first post on the blog since i´m working on my redesign. After two years this is the first mayor change in the website. As i started to redesign in last time i changed the simple handcoded PHP-pages to a wordpress-system. This was my first contact with this amazing and free system. It works like a charme. No wonder, that the whole internet is based on WordPress at the moment.
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CollabFeature – abgedreht! consolidate…

August 17th, 2010

Am Sonntag, 15. August 2010 haben wir in Innsbruck die letzten zwei Aufnahmen zum Wien-Segment gedreht. Auf dem Set zu Nino Leitners “Guilty Absence”, dem Innsbruck-Segment von CollabFeature, haben sich einige Minuten gefunden um die wichtige erste Szene und die letzte Einstellung von “Return to Sender” auf Chipkarte zu bannen. Somit ist der Wien-Part nach über einer Woche endlich abgedreht. Jetzt geht es ab in den Schnitt.

Hierfür wurde eine neue Version von Avid MediaComposer angeschafft, die eine besonders gute Verarbeitung von Canon 55D Material verspricht. Das Importieren der .mov Files funktioniert auch einwandfrei und ein sofortiges schneiden wäre möglich. Da aber leider die Performance beim Schneiden von h264 Material noch sehr schlecht ( Version 1.0 des AMA-Plugins ) ist, muss doch erst noch in ein Avid-Internes Format transcodiert werden. Dieser Prozess dauert. 64 von 306 Clips sind jetzt importiert. So long… Der Schnitt beginnt also doch erst morgen.

Eine Nudel kommt selten Allein – Official Selection Shotynale Filmfestival

August 4th, 2010

Die Shortynale zeigt dieses Jahr eine Auswahl an Filmen zum Thema “Liebe”.

“Eine Nudel kommt selten alleine” ist unter den wenigen Auserwählten Filmen und wird sogar an beiden Festivaltagen gezeigt.

CollabFeature – Erster Drehtag

August 2nd, 2010

Heute ist es soweit. Der erste Drehtag. Nach sehr knapper Vorbereitungszeit haben wir im Studio von Peter Evers und Michael Kamler die Szene der Wahrsagerin hergerichtet. Es ist ein düsterer Ort, nur beleuchtet durch Kerzen. Mysteriöser Rauch hängt in der Luft und unser Ausstatter verirrt sich dorthin. Eine rumänische Wahrsagerin nimmt Kontakt mit den Geistern des Rucksackes auf, um den Fluch zu lösen. Read the rest of this entry »