Blogpost: iPhone Recordings disappear – Solved!

Did you ever used the voicememo function of your iPhone? Its great. You can record short or long memos for yourself or even record a whole interview. I´ve never used it before – until yesterday. I did an interview with Wolfgang Moser, Master of Ceremony at the archdiocese of St.Stephan in Vienna. Because i wanted to be free to talk i decided to use the recorder besides a few notes i took with a classic paper notebook. I first made a sample and as it turned out to work just fine i recorded the whole session – about one hour.

The great thing about the recorder in iPhone is, that it adjusts the volume and you don´t have to worry about it. I stopped the recording in the end and it was all good.

Back at home i synced the phone with my mac over itunes and looked for the file – nothing there in the playlist with memos… and also on the phone – there was just a zero-seconds long recording … i was short to freak out. this hourlong recording just disappeared in the apple-nirvana. and my notes are a bunch of much to less letters on a little piece of paper… NOOOOOO….

but thankfully there is google and a fine solution. but it was not complete so i post here the right steps.


1. The reason why long recording get inaccessible is because they get safed as a .mov and not like the short ones as .m4a. This is a programming-bug or mistake or dumbassiness from apple – this is there since version 3.0 and its still not fixed in 4.1

2. The iphone and itunes are not capable to access these files, so we have to get into the system a little deeper to download the files to the mac/pc to play it and be happy again. for this you simply download the free app “iphone explorer” and install it. its for mac and pc and totaly free.

3. next connect your iphone and browse to “Root > User > Media > Recordings” and drag and drop all of your precious files. if you have a lot of recordings just search for the .mov files and copy them.

4. live happily ever after!

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